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Basalt Stone Supplier - Wales

Citadel Stone Ltd is one of the leading black basalt suppliers across South Wales. It specializes in basalt flags stones such as basalt garden paving slabs, driveway slabs, garden walling, landscaping stones, basalt stone setts, cobblestones, paving curbs, bullnose steps, copping stones, and walling blocks. Citadel Stone Ltd is a natural stone supplier with over 50 years of experience in the natural stone supply market. 

Black basalt is the market's toughest stone and it has been used for paving stones in severe climates. If you are looking for a stone merchant in Cardiff or the surrounding areas, we can help with our natural paving stones selection. All our products are selected carefully by hand from the quarry and are delivered to your doorstep. Our basalt paving stones are of superior quality and are more durable than sandstone slabs, or granite pavers. For any landscape stone supply, get in touch by email at

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