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The Importance of Limestone

The Importance Of Limestone And Why You Should Choose This Type Of Stone!

What is unique about limestone and what makes it more popular for the internal and external use?

If you are looking for an earthy look in your home than limestone is your best call!

There is no doubt that limestone is the most versatile stone type. It is possible to select from hundreds of limestone types, ranging from those that are soft and fine grained to those that are highly durable. If you want to carve intricate statues, fireplace surrounds, stone sinks or make a pool coping, limestone would be an excellent choice. Let's look at four reasons why limestone products are a great choice for your next project.

1- Limestones Products Are Hygienic

It is easy to clean and keeps a good hygienic atmosphere, making limestone one of the most ideal products for your environment. Since limestone is hypoallergenic, it's also ideal for people with respiratory disorders or dust allergies, since it is hygienic both inside and outside the home. The material is resistant to bacteria and allergens can't hide within it. Easily clean limestone products by sweeping them up and mops them with water.

Additionally, limestone is temperature-free. That is, it keeps your feet and mind free from stress, even when walked on barefoot; this is why it makes a great option for areas with high temperatures.

2- Affordability

Compared to other natural stones such as marble and granite, limestone tiles are much cheaper to install. It is therefore a great option for those who do not have the financial capability to invest in granite and marble, but still wish to incorporate the natural and rustic appeal of natural stone into their home.

3- Maintaining Durability

Limestone is extremely durable because its mineral composition is high. It has shown to be a durable natural stone. If properly sealed and maintained, limestone products will last a lifetime, which is why it is becoming more popular for use in bathroom stone sinks, fireplace surrounds, and tiles.

4- Limestone Product Can Be Used for a Variety of Applications

Limestone products are used across your projects such as tiles which can be used both indoors and outdoors, in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, offices, as well as in outdoor entertaining areas and around swimming pools, fireplace surrounds, stone washbasins, stone mosaic art, garden furniture such as stone benches, waterfalls, water fountains, bird baths, urns and outdoor sinks. It is a practical and economical choice. If the product will be used in wet areas, it must be sealed properly. Limestone products offer a great deal of versatility in comparison to other wall or flooring materials.

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