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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

You would be hard-pressed to beat the luxury of natural, durability, and sheer elegance of a product that comes with many other benefits, such as moisture and stain resistance, natural temperature control, and life-long sustainability. I come from a family that has been in the stone industry since the 1960s. My grandfather was one of the very few people who started quarrying stones in my home country of Syria and in the region of Aleppo.

At Citadel Stone Ltd, we quarry, manufacture, and deliver the finest limestone, basalt, and custom, hand-crafted products worldwide at prices you can afford and with the very best customer services:

​We quarry, template, manufacture and handle all logistics, including shipping, transportation, and delivery,

No middlemen - you are dealing directly with the business owners,

The finest quality -- we use hand-selected blocks of the finest quality limestone and basalt, which can be used for inside and outside and whether residential or commercial projects,

Hand-crafted, custom stone products,

Customized shipping and packing to your specific order.

My name is Kareem and I am the founder and CEO of Citadel Stone Ltd. I am extremely proud and passionate about the limestone we quarry in Syria and I am delighted to be able to offer it to you.

​Please contact me on to discuss all of your limestone and black basalt needs..... I guarantee you the best wholesale prices and the best customer stone!

Why Citadel Stone Ltd B2B?


We ensure a robust and 
sustainable supply of the finest 
quality raw material and master 
mason carving for our UK market.

Top Stone Quality

We use hand selected blocks of the 
finest quality limestone & black 
basalt to hand sculpt the finest 
quality product for our customers.

First Class Hand-carving Products

Our team of multigenerational master 
masons produce products of the 
highest skill and tolerance. This 
enables us to deliver fascinating 
workmanship and unique products to 
our customers.


If you are purchasing multiple 
products for your business, we will 
work with you to create a visually 
stunning catalogue for you 

Customized Crates & Packing Of Your Choice

We can work with you to 
manufacture custom crates to 
ensure your purchased product can 
be delivered anywhere, and arrive in 
perfect condition.


No Middlemen - No Hidden Costs

We deal directly with the quarry so 
there are no middle men costs. We 
manufacture your product on site with 
no hidden costs. This is why we beat 
our competitors on quality and cost

Meet The Team

Citadel Stone Ltd Logo.

Stonemasonry Team

Quality Control

Ten master masons some 
with over 30 years 

Headed by a Civil Engineer 
with over 30 years of 


LinkedIn logo.

Direct and exclusive 
relationship with quarry 
owner who consistently 
provides us with his 
most superior quality 
raw material.


Fast Shipping...Worldwide.

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