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Water Fountain
Water Fountain

Bird Baths

We supply natural stone bird baths in all sizes and styles. We manufacture bird baths from limestone, basalt, sandstone, granite, and marble. Hence a wide range of natural stone types to choose from.

Citadel Stone Ltd operates as a business-to-business to supply high-quality stone bird baths. Our stone masonry team has inherited these skills through generations. Therefore, we make sure the most beautiful part of our stone is cut to hand-carve your bird baths. 

We supply our stone bird baths across Europe, the UK, and the US. We are capable of manufacturing large volumes of basalt and limestone bird baths and delivering them to your warehouse in a short time frame. 

Stone bird baths are a great addition to any garden, driveway, or park. Citadel Stone Ltd is based in Cardiff and we ship our natural stone bird baths worldwide. For any inquiry about our bird baths, send us an email at Our response time is within the same day of receiving your order.

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