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Kerb Stones

The best way to achieve a stunning finish for any hard landscaping projects is by installing our kerb stones. These basalt kerbstones are manufactured from the most durable natural kerbstones in the world. Our road kerbs are the perfect choice for severe climates. All our basalt curb stones have an appealing black color that suits a wide range of architectural styles. 

Our basalt bullnose kerbs can be incorporated smoothly with a variety of your other products. All our kerbstones are manufactured outside Europe and shipped across the UK, Europe, and the United States. 


Whether it is a road, cycleway, or footpath, kerb edging stones are essential. With its main purpose being to neatly separate walkways and other trafficked areas, it serves a variety of purposes. Here at Citadel Stone Ltd, we offer basalt kerb stones suitable for a variety of commercial as well as civic applications. 

For any kerb stones order, drop us a message through WhatsApp: +44 7504255457 or by email at We aim to respond on the same day. 

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