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5 Reasons on why you need a limestone fireplace surround for your home.

Each of our fireplace surrounds is individually carved from natural limestone. You can create your own unique fireplace surround with natural limestone. It's hard to find one quite like yours (unlike imitation stone surrounds).

Add a luxurious look to your home by installing one of our limestone fireplaces which will enhance your property value.

A fireplace is an excellent interior design feature in a living room. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, a fireplace also creates a focal point in your home that looks and feels welcoming.

1. Bring a sense of warmth into your home

After a day of shoveling snow or commuting in frigid temperatures, there is nothing nicer than walking into a fire-lit room. The flickering flames and warming air from a fireplace are good for relaxing and unwinding, whether it's a gas fireplace or wood fireplace. When listening to the crackles of wood on a wood-burning fireplace, your mind can drift into a meditative state. Planning a party with friends? Light and warmth provided by a fireplace will naturally attract them. Do you spend the evening alone? You will have a great evening if you grab a good book and a mug full of hot chocolate or tea, and settle into a comfortable chair.

2. Create an ambiance of warmth.

There are many products that can replicate the smell of a fireplace, so much so that candles, incenses, and even spray can mimic how wood burns. Regardless, there is no substitute to having an actual fireplace. With the option to simmer stove-top potpourri while running, even gas fireplaces can add soothing scents to your home while drying the air.

3. Increase your home's value.

For potential home buyers, a fireplace is a significant selling point. This is particularly true if you live in a cold, snowy climate. A wood-burning or gas fireplace is not only attractive to home buyers, but they will also pay a higher price for your home just because you have one. The thought of lowering your utility bills is not unique to you! Your home will become the talk of the neighborhood when you add a new fireplace, particularly one with a hearth or stonework.

4. Protect your property from bad snowstorms.

As soon as a bad storm is predicted, everyone worries about losing power and the worst case scenario - the power being out for weeks. The cost of buying and running a portable or permanent generator capable of running a furnace is high. Having a wood-burning fireplace on hand can keep you warm during prolonged blackouts.

6. Keep your feet warm during the cold weather

There are limited places inside your house that are warm enough to thaw your slowly freezing extremities when it is below zero outside and your furnace runs nonstop. In contrast, a fireplace gives you a nice, cozy spot to stand near and warm your toes and fingers. But keep in mind that you might have to fight with your kids or pets for the best warming spot!

Our fireplace surrounds are mainly carved from limestone and black basalt. For any bespoke orders, please contact us at


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