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Hand-Carved Fireplaces

Customized Designs & Huge Selection Of Hand-Carved Fireplaces From the Finest Limestone In Middle-East.

A wide selection of the finest limestone & black basalt fireplaces that are suitable for all houses and rooms no matter small or big they are.

Do you have a design in mind for your room? Whether you prefer a plain fireplace look or a fascinating handcrafted stone fireplace surrounds - there’s a stunning fireplace surrounds for everyone at Citadel Stone Ltd.

You’ll find the stone fireplace that suit your house and offer you a warmth and the beauty of sitting in front of it, admiring the complicated carving on it and the type of stone that has been selected for this specific limestone fireplace surrounds. The fireplace made of natural stone that is a popular choice to intensify the beauty of the home.

We accommodate all tastes of all customers with our work. Just send us an email highlighting the look and your needs and we will make it uniquely carved for you.

What are the most important aspects you should look for before start choosing your fireplace?

1. Consider what stone type and color you are looking for. This will play a major role to the look of your room,

2. Consider the space required for the design that fits your place for ease of movement

3. If the space is small, it is preferable to put a light limestone color to give aesthetics,

4. Plain fireplace surrounds suits very small rooms altogether. However, for any relatively large rooms or if you are looking for an earthy and admirably look than choosing a hand-carved fireplace is your pick up.

At Citadel Stone Ltd we primarily Limestone & Black Basalt to carve our fireplace surrounds. For more information, please get in touch via email at


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