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Is Basalt good for paving?

Black #Basalt is the most durable stone which will last forever. It gets very dark color when it is wet which makes it attractive for #driveways, #garden, #publicareas, and even for #industrialareas.

As well as being popular for its distinctive, deep black color, this #stone is extremely #hard-wearing and #tough, making it the ideal material for #driveways, #paths, and #patios. Fine-grained #basalt is a type of volcanic rock with bold colors, including pewter and charcoal with hints of dark blue and silver gray.

Durable and Tough

If you are looking for a long-term cost savings and durability Basalt tiles are unmatched among other stone tiles. Basalt tile, compared to limestone, granite, marble and sandstone, came out as the most durable and least expensive of all the tested materials in independent laboratory studies.

Slip Resistance

Besides being suitable to use internally, basalt tiles can also be used in externally, such as outside in wet areas such as driveways, pathos, patios and in the garden.

When tiles are contaminated with mold, dirt, oil, cleaning products, shampoo, soap or other substances, their slip resistance can be reduced. However, #basalttiles provide high level of slip resistance against dirt, or oil. Furthermore, in order to reduce the possibility of slip accidents, we recommend you keep your tiles dry and clean. Make sure to clean up spills right away.

Easy To Maintain & Clean

Maintaining a clean floor and preventing slippery conditions requires regular maintenance to prevent the build-up of soil, grease residue, soap detergents, and other contaminants. It is recommended that the tiles be first cleaned with clear water and/or a neutral liquid cleaner (soap-free). Basalt tiles are easy to clean and do not require much effort to be cleaned and maintained.

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