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The Best Paving Limestone Slabs

The Shell Reef Limestone Tiles, the natural beauty of Limestone Floor Tiles. It has been used for so many years to enhance an elegant presence to the surroundings, and radiate a unique, stylish look. Our Stone Tiles enhance the value of the property.

We are best known for our Shell Reef Limestone Tiles. If you are looking to mix, cool, contemporary white with the warmth of small vines, this hardwearing brushed, or polished limestone, is just what you need.

Combining a classical blend of colors with a modern chic format gives this tile great versatility. In addition to its versatility, the Abid White Limestone looks equally good in a country residence or urban apartment, or townhouse.

It creates a smooth texture to the touch with a subtle sheen that allows light to reflect into the space, creating a beautiful and bright interior. The easy-to-clean brushed finish makes this a great choice for busy households with children and pets.

Citadel Stone Ltd, supply a unique selection of limestone tiles that suits everyone. The Shell Reef limestone tiles are high-quality of Limestone Paving. Limestone Tiles are unique in their appearance and style as every single Shell Reef limestone is special and unique.

Our Shell Reef Limestone Slabs are used for many applications. They can be in interior and exterior use. Limestone Flooring can vary in durability. However, due to our direct relationship with the quarry and factory owners, we are able to supply the most durable Paving Stones. We guarantee to supply first-class Indoor & Outdoor Slabs at the most competitive prices.

We supply Paving Flagstones in all sizes, thicknesses, and the same types for decades. Our business model is to make any Flagstone Pavers available in the market at the most affordable prices that beat any other suppliers.

The most common Stone Tiles for many centuries have been Limestone. Known for its hard-wearing and durable qualities. Limestone Wall Tiles can be used in a household or a light commercial environment. They can easily withstand the rigors of a busy household. We offer a wide range of finishes to suit all types of projects - whether it is antiqued finishes for old barn conversions, tumbling finishes for a classic look, or smooth finishes for a more contemporary look.

Since we have exclusive access to some quarries and due to the very long experience in this sector, we are able to supply any projects in the quantity that is required with beating prices to the market. For more information, please contact us using the following email address:


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