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What is the best natural stone for paving?

Black Basalt is a hard-wearing, strong, and durable natural stone.

It is suitable for landscaping, paving, kerbs, steps, street furniture, as well as bespoke masonry pieces.

Black Basalt cobbles have a subtle sparkle and a captivating look that will increase the value of any hard landscaping project.

✅ Basalt cobblestones are dark black colour in wet condition.

✅Suitable for pedestrians as well as for vehicles

✅Pavers, setts, kerbs and other masonry products are available.

✅Customized sizes and textures are available upon request.

The beauty of basalt is just admirable with its specifications.

Black Basalt Paving Setts are a dark charcoal grey when dry and a solid black colour when wet. These Black Basalt setts look appealing in gardens* paths* driveways* streetscapes and markets since basalt is a fine-grained volcanic rock. Black Basalt Cropped Setts are available in all sizes upon request.

High-quality Black Basalt supplier at the most competitive prices.


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