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Bullnose Kerbs

Bullnose kerbs have a long history in construction and architecture projects for centuries, as it has advantages and characteristics. Basalt bullnose kerbs are characterized by its consistent colour, and its robustness. These bullnose paving kerbs are used by Romans in their paving roads and gardens and there are many Roman monuments made of basalt stone that testify the hardness and strength of this natural stone paving. 

Citadel Stone Ltd is a supplier of bullnose kerbs in all shapes, sizes, and thickness of our basalt, limestone, and granite kerbs to suit all tastes and budgets. Although we have several colour of curb stones, the most famous and popular of these colour is black. Black road kerbs increase the sophistication and luxury of your projects.


Our team is available for any bullnose kerbs order. We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week.  You can send us your enquiry through WhatsApp: +447504255457 or via email:

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