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Road Kerbs

The most common use of road kerbs is to define and raise the edges of paths and walkways. Various textures, sizes, and shapes available to suit your needs. 

Using road kerbs in any commercial or private projects will keep paving in place, keep gravel in place, and define the border in an attractive way. 

We supply our basalt road kerbs to property builders, local authorities, hard landscaping architects, property developers, builder's merchants, and to end users. 

Our basalt road kerbs specifications are exceptionally durable as opposed to limestone paving kerbs and granite kerbs, they are frost resistant natural stone driveway edging kerbs that will last a lifetime, basalt kerb stones have low water absorption rate, black, and are affordable kerbs. 

Talk to our team now for any road kerbs order via WhatsApp: +447504255457 or by email:

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