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Driveway Kerbing

Citadel Stone Ltd is a leading supplier of driveway kerbing. Basalt, limestone, and granite driveway kerbing are available. We manufacture driveway kerbing in all sizes & thicknesses. All our driveway & garden kerbs will blend easily with your space. 

Basalt kerb edging stones are one types of basalt stones which is very popular. Basalt kerb edging stones are with exceptional level of toughness due to basalt nature that emerges from volcanoes, and it is the most common type of volcanic rocks in middle-east. Our driveway kerbing maintains its attractive colour and appearance for many years because they resist difficult weather conditions. 

Low water absorption is characteristic of our basalt driveway kerbing. They are manufactured from rocks that withstand erosion and changing climatic conditions. 

Talk to our team for any driveway kerbing order now at We operates 24 hours, 7 days a week.

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