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Kerb Edging Stones

Our kerb Edging Stones are characterized by their extreme hardness and their high resistance. These kerbs  edging stones are used in any hard landscaping projects such as roads, gardens, driveways, and patios. All our paving kerbs are suitable for private and commercial use. 

Our basalt kerb edging stones has unique specifications such as heat and moisture insulation which make them the perfect option for severe climates. The basalt kerb edging stones are also resistance to frost as our natural stone paving are completely impermeable to liquids. Therefore, their ability to absorb moisture is practically non-existent. Furthermore, these kerb edging stones are resistant to mechanical factors such as wear and tear, due to its high hardness. 

Citadel Stone Ltd is a supplier of kerb edging stones and bullnose kerbs. We manufacture all sizes, thicknesses and finishes. We supply granite kerbs, limestone kerbs, and basalt kerbstones. Chat to our team now to discuss any small or big orders of kerb edging stones. We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Talk to us now via WhatsApp at +447504255457 or send us an email at

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