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Granite Kerb Stones

Citadel Stone Ltd is specialised in manufacturing and supplying granite kerb stones. Our granite kerb stones are suitable for many applications such as yards, garages, gardens, sidewalks, corridors, and roads. We are ready to supply any quantity you require and according to the required specifications. We manufacture all sizes, thicknesses, and textures of granite kerb stones. 


These paving kerbs are guaranteed to bring a sense of old history into your modern classical outdoor space.  Our driveway kerbing are the perfect stones for any architectural projects. We supply all types of flagging stones at reasonable prices that suit all budgets. Hence, it is recommended purchasing our paver slabs, granite setts, & cobblestones with your orders to optimise the look of your projects.

Talk to the team now for any inquiry about granite kerb stones via email at or by WhatsApp at +447504255457.

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