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Pavement Kerbs

Our pavement kerbs are cut from the most durable natural stone on the market. Our road kerbs are an ideal choice for hard landscaping projects. They are exceptionally durable, have a low water absorption rate, and frost resistant. Basalt curb stones endure extreme climates which means they will last forever. 

We supply basalt limestone, and granite kerbs at unbeatable prices - guaranteed. 

Citadel Stone Ltd paving kerbs are shipped across the US, Europe, and the UK. 

We manufacture kerb edging stones in all sizes and thicknesses,  and we exceed expectations in our delivery time. Our pavement kerbs are suitable for driveways, roads, gardens and any big or small hard landscape projects. We also do basalt edging kerbs specifically for driveways. 

Citadel Stone Ltd work directly with quarry and factory owners. Namely, we cut all middlemen and offer excellent services, affordable kerb edging stones, and perfect quality. We also supply bullnose kerb edging, limestone paver slabs, basalt tiles, paving slabs, patio slabs, and cobble stones in large quantities.

For any basalt, limestone, or granite kerbstones queries, get in touch via email at

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