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Patio Slabs

You can use paving slabs both for their aesthetic appeal and their functionality. Paving stones are a great way to add a stylish touch to your garden or conservatory, whether it is a patio or a path. Whether you are looking for durable & functional paving stones. Our basalt & limestone slabs are an excellent choice. Add a simple yet complementary touch with greys, yellow, black, white, and much more. Choose your paving patio slabs by style, length, width, and any thickness. For a contemporary look, with our basalt pavers, and limestone tiles, we have everything you need for beautiful natural stone that is good to behold. Patio paving slabs that are manufactured from basalt, and limestone make excellent patio paving.

With their high performance and low maintenance, granite slabs and basalt paving tiles are an ideal choice for harsh climates for your outdoor space. 

Citadel Stone Ltd supplies basalt kerbs, block paving, and any hard landscaping products. Contact us now at

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