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Why Black Basalt Is So Important?

#Basalt is primarily used for external use such as #paving tiles due to its high durability that lasts forever. Moreover, At Citadel Stone Ltd we use it as tiles for internal use, foundations, sculptures, decorative stone in the #garden, stone sinks for internal and external use and in thermal walls for train tracks. If one looks at the moon, it can be seen as darker areas that were formed by ancient lava flows.

A fascinating look and very #durable paving tiles that will last forever.

What is Basalt?

More than 90% of all volcanic rocks are basalts, a mafic extrusive rock. Basalt has a low viscosity and can travel long distances due to its low silica content, allowing it to form thin flows.

It is one of the most important rocks on Earth since it forms some of its surfaces.

During an eruptive event, magma from the ocean rises to the surface and form basalt. Almost all ocean volcanoes contain this prominent rock. The cooling rate of basalt is very rapid, lasting only a few weeks or months, which is not conducive to crystal formation. Its mineral composition is difficult to determine because it is extremely fine-grained.

The main constituent of basalt is the mineral oblivine, which has no strong cleavages or weak points. Its cleavage angle is 90 degrees and it is easily broken. Pyroxene is the second most abundant mineral. Due to fractures, plagioclase has a broken appearance and a lighter to darker gray color.

At Citadel Stone Ltd, our main products are limestone & black basalt which we supply them in high and consistent quality.

What makes Basalt so interesting?

Due to basalt's strength and density, it is often used in #paving in industrial or public areas. Besides being used as a base for pavements and roads, black basalt can also be used in the filtration of drainage. Property developers and builders use large volumes of tiles and bricks.

Fine basalt fibers are used to create basalt fibers. Carbon fibers is a material with an advantage over fiberglass in terms of mechanical properties, but is significantly cheaper than fiberglass. Wind turbine blades can be made from carbon fiber.

Additionally, the rock has excellent thermal and friction properties, making it an excellent insulator, worktop, and fireplace surround. To protect people from asbestos' toxic effects, it is often used as a substitute.

Three facts about Basalt:

Mars' tallest mountain is also the biggest volcano known to exist in the solar system. The environment in which most of the basalt formed on Earth is composed of three different rock-forming regions: oceanic divergent boundaries, oceanic hotspots, and mantle plumes and hot spots.

The Moon has provided many lunar Basalts which have been collected during lunar missions where a lack of oxygen prevents them from oxidizing as much as those on Earth do. A dark area on the moon is called a "lunar maria"; it is caused by extensive basalt flows. A basaltic flow also formed the largest volcano in our Solar System, Olympus Mons.

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