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The White Liam Limestone Tiles are a great looking and practical stone floor tile, available in pale and rich tones and in a range of sizes. 


It has a stunning look and can be used on walls or floors to add depth. Rustic and pitted surfaces create an aged look, ideal for period styles and renovations. Our prices are often quite competitive, too!


Citadel Stone Ltd, supply stone tiles to suit every situation. Limestone floorings vary in surface finish, colour, thickness, durability, as well as tile edging. All these factors are combined to create the overall look and feel to the limestone.


We supply floors to suit a contemporary setting, as well as limestone more traditional and rustic in feel. Whatever the desired level of character being sought from the stone, we will be able to suggest or advise potential limestone tiles from our range for consideration. We also stock limestone tiles suitable for use in dry and wet areas, as well as limestone ideal for use domestically and commercially. The limestone finishes we stock are, honed, semi-honed limestone, brushed limestone, and tumbled limestone.All these finishes are available in a range of tile sizes that customers can choose from. The limestones also vary in price, which means we can offer stone floors to suit everyone's budget. Our tiles are imported in huge quantities from The Middle-East. Buying direct from the quarries means all our customers benefit by getting more for their money.


We can impress you with our limestone. These rocks are sedimentary rocks and have many uses. For example, paving, floor or wall tile formats, road bases, paints. It was even used to construct pyramids! Citadel Stone Ltd can provide you with a variety of limestone finishes such as; honed, tumbled (rustic), brushed (textured). You can select from a wide range of colors, durability, and we can able to commit ourselves to providing one single variation of stone across all your projects. In fact, some of our limestone contains fossil fuel in it, so your place can appear to be part of history.


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White Liam Limestone Tiles

1 Square meter
  • The White Liam limestone tiles nature beauty of limestone floor tiles. It is very durable and it has been used for so many years to enhance an elegance presence to the surroundings, radiate a unique stylish look and it enhances the value of the property.