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The Basalt Stone Paving Slabs, a wall or floor tile for your home.  These Paving Slabs can be used for paving as well. Basalt Tiles are extremely durable and tough stone tiles that last forever. This makes them denser and more durable, as well as less prone to moisture and stain absorption due to the extremely durable materials in particular this type of basalt.


Pros and Cons of Basalt Tiles

With the peak of the modern styled homes and buildings, basalt tiles remain the best choice for a sleek, unique style within the buyers space. Basalt tiling is simple, durable, and natural.


Differing from comparing natural stones, such as granite or marble, basalt has a neutral coloring and can tie into other colored stones throughout the space without clashing. The lighter and darker gray colors offer a neutral variation of tiling that offer comfort and availability for introducing any color to the space. If the buyer eventually gets tired of the color scheme within their home, basalt tiling is one addition of the space that never needs to be altered.


Basalt is hard and durable

Considering the manufacturing of basalt, these tiles are hard and durable. The high temperature volcanic environment and the cooling principle ensure that basalt tiles are long-lasting, difficult to corrode, and ageless.

In order to make sure that your basalt tiling stays as good as new, common mechanical cleaning is needed, but this surface is dust-free. Therefore, cleaning is not needed often.

To make the decision even easier, basalt tiles are sold at a low cost, helping to make your space all-natural and enduring without breaking the bank.


At Citadel Stone Ltd, we are able to supply any projects with a constant stream of high quantity of granite for several years, we can supply granite in any thicknesses that is required for the projects. For more details please contact us at




Basalt Stone Paving Slabs

1 Square meter
  • For paving and dimensional use, basalt stone is an attractive and durable option. In terms of durability, basalt is fine-grained igneous rock which is very durable material that can last forever.  

    Paving with Basalt is a durable, long-lasting way to satisfy all requirements for pavements. The pavements can be provided in both small and large sizes, and the kerbs can also be matched up with the corresponding pavements. We supply all sizes, thicknesses and textures.