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Granite Cobbles

We quarry, manufacture, ship, and deliver our granite cobbles to your warehouse or site. We supply all granite cobbles in all sizes & thicknesses. Our basalt granite cobbles are durable and affordable. These granite cobbles will increase the value of your project dramatically by installing our cobblestone pavers.

Our cobble stones are unique in colour and we have exclusive access to these types of block paving stones

These stone setts range from white cobbles, black cobbles, light yellow setts, blue cobblestones, and much more. 

We work with hard landscaping companies, paving stones wholesalers, local authorities, landscapers, garden designers, and hard landscaping architects.

Citadel Stone Ltd is a supplier of granite cobbles across the UK, Europe, and the US. We manufacture limestone setts, basalt and granite block paving, road kerbspatio slabs, basalt tiles, and limestone paver slabs.


For any block paving setts orders, send us an email at

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