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Basalt paving setts 100x100x50mm are manufactured from solid igneous volcanic rocks. Basalt paving setts contain a small percentage of silica. These setts are characterized by coarseness, as it is difficult to differentiate between parts of the basalt stone.


Basalt paving setts are classified as a surface rock with a rough texture, which hardened close to the surface and make them slip resistant. These basalt setts are thus rich in magnesium and iron silicates and low in silica content which forms one of the most abundant rocks in the Earth's crust.


Due to its hardness and resistance to weathering, these basalt blocks used in a wide range of hand-carved and hard landscaping products and as decorative stones for covering and sidewalks.


Basalt paving setts are the most common type of igneous rock on Earth are the most popular products for any private or industrial projects. These block paving are ideal for countries that have an extreme weather as these setts endure high and low temperature and have low water absorption rate. Hence, these block paving are a better investment for any architectural projects.


Citadel Stone Ltd supplies all types of hand-carved and hard landscaping products. We supply bullnose kerb edging, granite kerb stones, driveway kerbing, slabs paving, bullnose steps, basalt floor tiles, granite cobbles and any type of paving flagstones. We supply our paving stones products across the UK, United States, Gulf countries and Europe. 


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Basalt Paving Setts 100x100x50mm

1 Square meter
    • These basalt paving setts are exceptionally durable. In contrast to limestone, granite paving blocks,
    • Frost-resistant paving blocks that will keep their original conditions for many years.
    • No or little maintenance is required for these basalt paving blocks, low water absorption rate is very low which makes our block paving withstand difficult weather,
    • Low water absorption rate is very low which makes our block paving withstand difficult weather,
    • These basalt blocks are black colour. They will blend easily with any design or style of any project, and
    • All our paving setts are offered at unbeatable prices - guaranteed.
    • We ensure a robust and sustainable supply of the finest quality raw material and master mason carving for our UK market.
    • We use hand-selected blocks of the finest quality limestone & black basalt to hand sculpt the finest quality product for our customers.
    • Our team of multigenerational master masons produce products of the highest skill and tolerance. This enables us to deliver fascinating workmanship and unique products to our customers.
    • We work with businesses to manufacture custom crates to ensure the purchased product can be delivered anywhere and arrive in perfect condition.
    • No Middlemen - No Hidden Costs