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The Abid White Limestone Cobbles - Random Sizes offer an everlasting appearance to any garage, or driveway and blend well with any house design. You will not have to stress about vehicles or extreme weather wearing them down because they're long-lasting and durable.


Limestone cobbles are perfect for forming winding, rippling pathways with rough and rustic enchantment via the backyard as well as a paved space where a cobbled surfacing is favored


Abid White Limestone Cobbles - Random Sizes may also be utilized to create a beautiful border for patio paving or roads, and are frequently used to offer a complementary contrast to the primary pavement color. 


Customers who seek stunning paving stones can choose from a variety of styles, thicknesses, and textures for setts and cobblestones from Citadel Stone Ltd. We are able to supply any projects with any specifications required. 


Citadel Stone Ltd's Abid White Limestone Cobbles - Random Sizes of sustainably sourced natural stone are more than capable of meeting the demands of the day-to-day pedestrian traffic in civil, retail, commercial, and residential projects.


  • Suitable for pedestrians as well as for vehicles
  • Pavers, setts, kerbs and other masonry products are available
  • A variety of sizes are available.
  • Customized sizes and textures are available upon request.




Our products are shipped throughout the UK, and worldwide, and we offer expert advice on all aspects of paving laying and construction. These cobbles are ideal for use as kerbing, pavements, or driveways.


Adding Abid White Limestone Cobbles to any driveway gives it a timeless appearance that can be matched to any home design. They are durable, long-lasting, and perform very well under compression.


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Abid White Limestone Cobbles - Random Sizes

1 Square meter
  • Abid White Limestone Cobbles are natural stones sourced from the finest limestone in the factory. These cobbles look appealing in gardens* paths* driveways* streetscapes and markets since our limestone are durable, eye-catching, and blind in any space. Setts are available in cropped, and sawn in all sizes and thicknesses upon request.

    High-quality limestone supplier at the most competitive prices.  

    • We ensure a robust and sustainable supply of the finest  quality raw material and master mason carving for our UK market.
    • We use hand selected blocks of the finest quality limestone & black basalt to hand sculpt the finest quality product for our customers.
    • Our team of multigenerational master masons produce products of the highest skill and tolerance. This enables us to deliver fascinating workmanship and unique products to our customers.
    • We work with businesses to manufacture custom crates to ensure the purchased product can be delivered anywhere and arrive in perfect condition.
    • No Middlemen - No Hidden Costs