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Citadel Stone Ltd offers style, thickness, and texture options for setts and cobblestones for customers who require striking paving stones.
Citadel Stone Ltd's Black Basalt Setts of sustainably sourced natural stone is more than capable of meeting the demands of the day-to-day pedestrian traffic in civil, retail, commercial and residential schemes.
In addition to adding character to your flooring, our Black Basalt setts and cobbles complement the overall design. They complement the overall design either as detailed accents or as the main component of the design.


Citadel Stone Ltd’s Black Basalt is a hard-wearing, strong and durable masonry material suitable for landscaping, paving, kerbs, tactiles, steps, water-management, street furniture, as well as bespoke masonry pieces.
Finished in sawn, cropped, bushed hammer, Blasted or Polished, thesee Black Basalt cobbles have a subtle sparkle and a captivating look.


  • Black Basalt is very dark when it is wet
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