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The Abid White Limestone Paving Setts will add a touch of beautiful white to any patio, enhancing your outdoor space. The flat surfaces will create an authentic finish to your garden, with all the modern conveniences of man-made, vitrified paving. Compared to other types of stone, Abid White Limestone Setts resist slipping when wet, and as a non-porous stone, they prevent moisture from penetrating into the surface. This helps to prevent the growth of moss or algae, so you can save yourself time and money!


The Abid White Limestone Paving Setts offer a number of advantages and is suitable for a wide range of applications. As our limestone tiles are extremely durable, they can be used for pathways, patios, and even driveways. These setts will enhance the safety of any project with their non-slip surface, making them useful for family gardens and even large commercial projects. These slabs will also maintain their non-slip properties even when wet.


Vitrified paving is a suitable choice for the UK climate because it can withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions without being damaged or becoming too hot underfoot. Even when exposed to excessive heat and sunlight during the Summer months, the outdoor paving setts will maintain their original color.


The beautiful and long-lasting outdoor limestone paving tiles we offer have a stain-resistant surface and are the perfect choice for a low-maintenance garden!


Paving Setts were created with the intention of achieving both modern and traditional laying patterns. These natural stone setts, which are responsibly sourced, will give a stylish touch to any home. To accentuate the inherent beauty of each stone, each block is sawn on all six sides and gently tumbled. Plus Citadel Stone Ltd is able to supply any thicknesses, textures, and styles that suit any project. 



  • Suitable for pedestrians as well as for vehicles
  • Pavers, setts, kerbs and other masonry products are available
  • A variety of sizes are available.
  • Customized sizes and textures are available upon request.



Our Limestone and Black Basalt Products are delivered across the United Kingdom and internationally, and we provide experienced assistance on all areas of paving installation and construction. These setts work well as kerbing, pavements, and driveways.

Any driveway with Light Yellow Limestone Paving Setts has a classic look that can be matched to any home design. They're tough, long-lasting, and perform well under pressure.


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Abid White Limestone Paving Setts

1 Square meter