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In most cases, Creamy Mramash Limestone Tiles With Fossils are used in flooring, coverings, and cladding applications. Compared to similar limestone, this limestone has gained a reputation for its durability, hardness, and excellent technical properties.


Besides flooring and coverings, it is also an ideal stone for diverse stonework. In addition to masonry and garden decoration, Mramash limestone can also be used for interior decoration (bath design and kitchen).


In addition to its beautiful appearance, the Creamy Mramash Limestone Tiles With Fossils a multi-functional natural stone that can also be used for a wide variety of purposes.


When it comes to our Mramash limestone it means that a stone with spectacular to behold, but but extremely durable and tough which last for every, it’s difficult to beat Mramash limestone.


Originally formed in the mountains over tens of millions of years, Mramash limestone has a magnificent beauty which is sophisticated and unique. One of the most distinctive qualities about Jura limestone is that no two pieces are alike, so that means your tiles really are a one-off.

A rather more subtle effect can typically be found in the Dark Mramash Limestone compared to the beige color, but nevertheless, the much sought-after swirling, contrast and variety in the surface design can still be easily seen. The overall effect is muted, but elegant, creating a tiled surface which is made to last.

Whether you have a shabby chic rustic decor, or a more polished interior, Dark Mramash limestone tiles will complement your design. A honed finish provides a soft effect which is neither highly glossy nor aged, so it’s versatile enough to fit into any home.

Both traditional and contemporary homes will suit, Creamy Mramash limestone with its understated yet characteristic quartz clusters, providing a setting which is tranquil and classy.

One of the biggest benefits of Jura limestone, aside from its natural appeal, is that your flooring will last and last, looking even better with age. Jura limestone is one of the hardest types of natural stone and this makes it ideal for use within the home. Extremely low maintenance and resistant to wear and tear, your Jura limestone tiles will look flawless for a very long time to come.

Creamy Mramash Limestone Tiles With Fossils

1 Square meter