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The most beautiful Round Cake Shell Reef Stone Basin. Elegantly hand-crafted from the first calss Shell Reef Limestone – this sink is crafted from natural stone. to the highest quality. A smooth interior and from the exterior. 


With its clean, modern lines and rising arches, this handcrafted round washbasin still offers a modern, serene look while also offering plenty of depth for a bathroom or powder room that is frequently used. A polished finish is featured on this sink and rustic from the outside. 


No matter what you're searching for, Round Cake Shell Reef Stone Basin has the perfect smooth for any bathroom design, farmhouse, kitchen , bathroom , shower, rustic faucet, and more. Would you like a handcrafted stone washbasin in a unique size and design? Let us know what you need and we will make it for you. Send us a email with specifics details at 


You'll get nothing less than the best with our high quality handcrafted bathroom basin. Our commitment to high quality products, competitive pricing, and customer service has made Rustic Sinks unique during an era of more choices than ever before. 


A large collection of preserved stone sinks is among the specialties of Rustic Sinks. Our customers often seek something unique when going from modern to rustic. Nobody wants to have the same thing as everyone else. Everyone wants something different.
The new, modern stone sink certainly fits in with the new 'New'. Our unique, beautifully crafted sinks are available in a variety of colours and shapes.

Round Cake Shell Reef Stone Basin

SKU: WBS105.2
    • %100 Natural Stone materials.
    • Selected from the finest natural stone in the Middle East
    • High Quality Hand-Carving.
    • Cut according to the dimensions of the United Kingdom and Europe norm.
    • Cut all middlemen which makes our products affordable.

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