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This Light Blue Limestone Tiles With Fossils are perfect for floors and walls in any room, giving a contemporary look to any home or commercial building. Featuring subtle fossil markings, this hard, dense natural stone is a great choice for high-traffic areas, kitchen floors, or hallways. Tiles of any size can be produced in honed or polished finishes.


For a stone that fascinating to look at but extremely durable, tough and hardwearing, it’s difficult to beat Light Blue Mramash Limestone Tiles With Fossil Fuel.

It was formed for over tens of millions of years in the mountains, Light Color Mramash Limestone Tiles With Fossil Fuel have a tremendous beauty which is unique and very sophisticated. 


It has a very unique and distinctive qualities and every single piece is unique, so that means your tiles really are a one-off. 


It is known for its abundance of fossils, it is a hard rock of considerable hardness. The limestone tiles are normally shipped to the USA, Gulf countries, and Europe and it is cut to size for cladding projects almost anywhere. Further, it is commonly used in landscaping and flooring projects.


An amorphous chalkstone of high quality, this limestone is highly suitable for both exterior façade cladding and flooring. 


At Citadel Stone Ltd, we are able to supply the sizes, thicknesses, and the quantity you like with a very top of our premium quality in the stone types itself and in our masonry services. For more info contact us at


Light Blue Mramash Limestone Tiles With Fossils

1 Square meter