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With beautiful feature wall tiles, your walls will come to life. These high-quality Abid White Limestone Split Face Tiles are the perfect choice for any room in the house as well as outdoor areas. An eye-catching realistic stone effect is achieved by the matt textured finish with a mix of tones. 


Split face tiles are a great way to give your house or your garden texture, color, and visual appeal. Split face tiles are always in trend.


Wall tiles for commercial use, bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, and outside tiles create an inspiring space. 


Splitface Tiles are a modern tiles mosaic that is becoming increasingly popular. Mosaic tiles are made up of varying sizes and thicknesses of natural stone. These pieces are glued together to create a textured, undulating structure that is quite contemporary.


The Split Face rustic tile adds drama and depth to your living area by sprinkling warm burnished pieces throughout this white mosaic. With this unpolished natural stone in a rugged appearing matt surface, you may add a touch of wildness to your decor. Natural color and texture variety creates a three-dimensional, tactile look in any indoor or outdoor setting.


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Abid White Limestone Split Face Tiles

1 Square meter