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With theAntique Yellow Stone Leaf Sink, you can create a unique, on-trend bathroom design.

This Antique Yellow Stone Leaf Sinkpremium leaft stone sink has a smooth inside and from the outside.

Enjoy a stylish and authentic bathroom with this marble countertop basin.

For the perfect natural ensemble, install it over one of solid wood vanity units.

Besides Stromboli, cream and black marble are also available in the block-carved sink. Hole meets European standards. 


With its durable solid body, the basin goes well with both modern moods and classic tones. Each piece is made of a unique material, quarried from an exclusive stone to Citadel Stone Ltd. A versatile foundation, It provides a timeless look that compliments any scheme. In its simplicity and brightness, it is a material of beautiful purity, with traces of gemstone crystallization glistening amongst charcoal smudges.


Citadel Stone Ltd is a manufacturer of handcrafted wash basins with an endless designs. Hence, we are operating as B2B and B2C inthe UK market. Contact us at for any assistance.


Antique Yellow Stone Leaf Sink

SKU: WBS36.2
    • %100 Natural Stone materials.
    • Selected from the finest natural stone in the Middle East
    • High Quality Hand-Carving.
    • Cut according to the dimensions of the United Kingdom and Europe norm.
    • Cut all middlemen which makes our products affordable

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