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An attractive alternative to stainless-steel or porcelain sinks, handcrafted washbasins which are available in a wide range of colors. They feature the following features:

Handcrafted washbasins come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, finishes, and colors to complement your counters. Some of the most popular colors are blue, black, yellow and brown. Or handcarved washbasins offer many more options than stainless-steel sinks, for example. Unique design that will make a tremendous transformation to your bathroom appearance, we offer our stone basins at completely competitive prices, we do customization and excellent. 


They are a source of fascination due to their timeless and elegant design.  If you are looking for long term practical solution for your bathrrom or your garden needs, there is no alternative to Citadel Stone Ltd, a breakthroughhancrafted natural stone washbasins by Citadel Stone Ltd.


Citadel Stone Ltd is a manufacturer of handcrafted wash basins with an endless designs. Hence, we are operating as B2B and B2C inthe UK market. Contact us at for any assistance.

Blue Jura Fossil Fuel Rectangular Stone Washbasin With stylish Base

    • %100 Natural Stone materials.
    • Selected from the finest natural stone in the Middle East
    • High Quality Hand-Carving.
    • Cut according to the dimensions of the United Kingdom and Europe norm.
    • Cut all middlemen which makes our products affordable.

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