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The Gory Rose Mramash Stone Basin With Fossil Fuel is a key element of the collection designed for Citadel Stone Ltd's customers by a highly experienced team in stone hand-carving.


Add elegant look to your bathroom furniture by installing the Gory Rose Mramash Stone Basin With Fossil Fuel. The contemporary design and unusual shape will make your bathroom a talking point.

Any decor will look great with Citadel Stone Ltd's Bathroom Sinks. Because of its generous dimensions, it can be mounted alone or in conjunction with another sink.

It is polished inside and on the outside, so it is easy to maintain.

It is also available in black and cream marble. The Gory Rose Mramash Stone Basin With Fossil Fuel natural stone sink is block-carved by highly skilled artisans. Holes meet European standards. 


Featuring a minimal design and a hard-wearing easy-to-clean rough finish, this countertop basin is perfect for creating a chic and contemporary look. The stone sink of this basin is of premium quality, so you can be sure that it will remain like new for many years.

You can complete the look with either a wall-mounted or high-rise basin tap, since the countertop basin does not have any tap holes.

Combine the wooden and stone collection with other items in the bathroom to create a stylish and modern look.


Replacing a traditional ceramic sink with a new natural stone sink one can dramatically transform the appearance of your entire bathroom and increase the value of your home. 

Our natural handcrafted washbasins are a popular fixture in many homes. In addition to the various sizes, shapes, and styles available for these must-have fixtures, they match different homeowners' needs.


The benefits of having one of our handcarved stone sinks is due to their elegance, unique designs go well with countertops of any style, colour and design. Additionally, they can easily fit into almost any bathroom design. They are space-savers, as many of them are designed to fit into small spaces. Dirt cannot accumulate in them, thus they are easier to clean. They are generally deeper, so the water depth is much greater. 


No matter what you're searching for, the Gory Rose Mramash Stone Basin With Fossil Fuel has the perfect smooth bathroom sink, farmhouse sink, rustic kitchen sink, rustic bathroom sink, shower, rustic faucet, and more. Would you like a handcrafted stone washbasin in a unique size and design? Let us know what you need and we will make it for you. Send us a email with specifics details at 


You'll get nothing less than the best with our high quality handcrafted bathroom sinks. Our commitment to high quality products, competitive pricing, and customer service has made Rustic Sinks unique during an era of more choices than ever before.

Gory Rose Mramash Stone Basin With Fossil Fuel

SKU: WBS88.1
    • %100 Natural Stone materials
    • Selected from the finest natural stone in the Middle East
    • High Quality Hand-Carving.
    • Cut according to the dimensions of the United Kingdom and Europe norm
    • Cut all middlemen which makes our products affordable