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Enhance your spa-style bathroom with the Narrow Base Yellow Stone Basin.

This bathroom sink has a minimalist design and an easy-to-clean glazed finish, making it the perfect choice for creating a chic, contemporary look. Unlike cheaper ceramic basins, this Narrow Base Yellow Stone Basin will look like new for several years to come since it is made from premium quality of Godel Yellow stone type with veins.


This bathroom basin is designed to be mounted on a worktop console or vanity unit, it has a unique shape which is designed to blend seamlessly with modern bathrooms. This bathroom sink has been fashioned for use with elegant counter and wall-mounted taps, providing a clean minimalist look. Crafted from durable limestone, it features with fossil fuel which makes it unique with its elegant finish.


This stone sink will create a contemporary feel in any bathroom with its elegant design. The basin is cut from the best part of the stone block and is perfect for countertops. It is most suitable when combined with a low rise basin mixer or wall mounted tap. Tolerances in manufacturing may lead to some minor variation in dimension. This does not include the waste hole.


In addition to being made from natural stone, a stone sink will last a lifetime. The honed finish makes it easy to use every day. Stone sinks are unaffected by scratches or dulling like ceramic sinks. Veins will vary greatly from sink to sink, making every sink unique.

 Limeststone is an earthy material that unquestionably gives the area an organic feel.


The benefits of having one of our handcarved stone sinks is due to their elegance, unique designs go well with countertops of any style, colour and design. Additionally, they can easily fit into almost any bathroom design. They are space-savers, as many of them are designed to fit into small spaces. Dirt cannot accumulate in them, thus they are easier to clean. They are generally deeper, so the water depth is much greater. 


No matter what you're searching for, the Narrow Base Yellow Stone Basin has the perfect smooth bathroom sink, farmhouse sink, rustic kitchen sink, rustic bathroom sink, shower, rustic faucet, and more. Would you like a handcrafted stone washbasin in a unique size and design? Let us know what you need and we will make it for you. Send us a email with specifics details at


You'll get nothing less than the best with our high quality handcrafted bathroom sinks. Our commitment to high quality products, competitive pricing, and customer service has made Rustic Sinks unique during an era of more choices than ever before.


Citadel Stone Ltd is a manufacturer of handcrafted wash basins with an endless designs. Hence, we are operating as B2B and B2C inthe UK market. Contact us at for any assistance.

Narrow Base Yellow Stone Basin

SKU: WBS85.1
    • %100 Natural Stone materials
    • Selected from the finest natural stone in the Middle East
    • High Quality Hand-Carving.
    • Cut according to the dimensions of the United Kingdom and Europe norm
    • Cut all middlemen which makes our products affordable