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An adornment for your home as well as a practical sink for everyday use, this natural stone basin is both functional and attractive. A smooth touch is added to the wash basin by its hand curved outer surface, patterned with decorative style. A bowl natural stone basin on the other hand is elegant and soft due to its unique shape. In order to make this basin distinctive and artistic, the smooth exterior surface is paired with an elegant interior surface. Cleaning is a breeze with the smooth polished interior.


We provide our clients with exactly the stone they desire, so it is more a question of what size you would like or what best suits their room, garden, or bathroom.  Quarry block sizes and factory processing capabilities usually limit the size of domestic products, but there are some constraints.  It is common practice for the quarries we work with to cut the products to whatever size you request. This means you can choose any size you like.


We commited to provide our customers high quality and consistency to all handcarved products. We selected our stone blocks carefully that is intended to be carved for Citadel Stone Ltd customers.


If you are look for a massive styles or designs to make up your mind on what your ultimate preference to make your space a pleasure to behold the beauty of an earthy look in your bathroom. Then look no further than Citadel Stone Ltd' products. 


Citadel Stone Ltd is a manufacturer of handcrafted wash basins with an endless designs. Hence, we are operating as B2B and B2C inthe UK market. Contact us at for any assistance.

Shell Reef Smooth All Polished Bowl Washbasin

    • %100 Natural Stone materials.
    • Selected from the finest natural stone in the Middle East
    • High Quality Hand-Carving.
    • Cut according to the dimensions of the United Kingdom and Europe norm.
    • Cut all middlemen which makes our products affordable.