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Your walls will come alive with the addition of attractive feature wall tiles. These premium White Limestone & Black Basalt Split Face Tiles are ideal for every room in the house as well as outdoor areas. The matt textured surface with a blend of tones creates an eye-catching authentic stone look.

Split face tiles are a terrific way to add texture, color, and aesthetic appeal to your home or yard. Tiles with a split face are always popular.
Commercial wall tiles, bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, and outdoor tiles all contribute to a stimulating environment.


The stunning, randomized look of White Limestone & Black Basalt Split Face Tiles, a modern spin on an ancient tradition, is a terrific way to bring wall spaces to life. These tiles, which are made up of natural basalt strips cut to various lengths, widths, and depths, add a lot of character to any room they're installed in.


These natural stone tiles combine the elegance of split-face mosaics in a convenient, easy-to-install single tile format, making it simple to give your interiors the same look as the most up-to-date pubs, restaurants, and hotels.


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White Limestone & Black Basalt Split Face Tiles

  • Split Face tile adds drama and depth to your living area with warm burnished pieces strewn throughout these white and basalt tone mosaics. This unpolished natural basalt with a rugged appearing matt texture, which is also available in a polished finish, will add a touch of wildness to your home. Natural color and texture variety creates a three-dimensional, tactile impression in an interior or outdoor area.

    • We ensure a robust and sustainable supply of the finest quality raw material and master mason carving for our UK market.
    • We use hand-selected blocks of the finest quality limestone & black basalt to hand sculpt the finest quality product for our customers.
    • Our team of multigenerational master masons produce products of the highest skill and tolerance. This enables us to deliver fascinating workmanship and unique products to our customers.
    • We work with businesses to manufacture custom crates to ensure the purchased product can be delivered anywhere and arrive in perfect condition.
    • No Middlemen - No Hidden Costs