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With beautiful White & Mramash With Fossils Split Face Tiles effect wall tiles, you can create an eye-catching feature wall for your indoor or outdoor space. Featuring a lovely textured finish and a high definition matte or polished finish, these natural stone feature tiles are hassle-free and of high quality. With its stylish fossil fuel blue dark stone effect wall tiles, you can create a feature wall that matches the latest interiors and lifestyle trends. 


These contemporary White and Dark Blue Mramash tiles with fossils split faces have become increasingly popular. Splitface Mosaic Tiles are made from different sizes and thicknesses of pieces of natural limestone. The result is an undulating, textural form that is highly contemporary. 


  • Ideal for creating an eye-catching feature wall
  • featuring a multi-leveled, textured design
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use 
  • Crafted by hand with love and skill 

Enjoy the beauty of 3D style split face mosaic tiles on your walls. Natural colors combined with sparking elements make this stone a perfect choice for a feature wall in a living room, dining room, kitchen splash-back, or even a bathroom. You can also use these mosaics for your outdoor spaces to provide a unique style to your outdoor spaces by tiling the façade of your home or retaining walls. 


Citadel Stone Ltd is able to supply any sizes, thicknesses, and finishes that match your projects. For more information, get in touch by email:

White & Mramash With Fossils Split Face Tiles

  • The White & Mramash With Fossil Fuel Split Face Tiles provides a warm, burnished feel to the limestone tone mosaic, adding drama and depth to your living space. An unpolished, matt texture natural stone will bring a touch of wildness to your home, and it is also available with a polished finish to match any project. Adding varied color and texture to an interior or outdoor space creates a three-dimensional, tactile impression.

    • We ensure a robust and sustainable supply of the finest quality raw material and master mason carving for our UK market.
    • We use hand-selected blocks of the finest quality limestone & black basalt to hand sculpt the finest quality product for our customers.
    • Our team of multigenerational master masons produce products of the highest skill and tolerance. This enables us to deliver fascinating workmanship and unique products to our customers.
    • We work with businesses to manufacture custom crates to ensure the purchased product can be delivered anywhere and arrive in perfect condition.
    • No Middlemen - No Hidden Costs


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