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Dark Blue Mramash Limestone Tiles With Fossils is popular all over the world for its enduring beauty with encapsulated “Ammonite” fossils and with its unique look. 


Dark Blue Mramash Limestone Tiles With Fossils  is typically even in its background color with the surface interest provided by a spattering of fine detail, quartz clusters and intricate fossil elements making it a popular choice with customers throughout the globe.


This distinctive appearance offers a unique finish every time with individual results which can never be repeated. Every customer has the satisfaction of knowing their completed installation is personal to them, and will never be found exactly the same elsewhere.


Dark Blue Mramash Limestone Tiles With Fossils  is also widely known as being one of the hardest natural stones available making it perfectly suited to commercial applications. It can be used internally such as bathroom, kitchen floor, stairs, and it can be used externally, such as paving tiles, in the garden, or it is perfect for private, public, pedestrian and industrial areas. 


The hardwearing surface of this limestone floor tiles is easy to keep clean. It is a beautiful, warm, dark limestone that fits well with either traditional architecture or modern architecture.


Mramash limestone is available in three colors naturally: Dark Blue Mramash, Light Blue color and a Creamy Mramash Limestone


Despite having very different appearances, the three of these types of stone come from the same quarry and have the same main attributes and properties.


Premium quality honed, and polished Dark Blue Maramash Limestone with a very competitive price that can beat all other competitors, guaranteed. 


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Dark Blue Mramash Limestone Tiles With Fossils

1 Square meter